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stuff for sale!

gorgeous brand new belt!


please leave a comment if you are interested in anything!
thanks. :)

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are your prices in usd?

Aww I'm interested in the red-loli umbrella, how much is shipping to Canada? can you show me a photo of it 'in purse size'?

sure thing :)

shipping would be $5

Ohh thank you, it's brand new right? I just want to be sure it doesn't have any bent wires, or scratches, since alot of my small umbrellas tend to break quickly after my first 2-3 times opening it. @_@

hey there!
no, it's not brand new, but i think i've used it a total of one time...
definitely no worries about bent wires; it is in very good condition!

if interested, i can send it to you for $12 shipped! :)

Hey, i just came by to let you know the red-lolita umbrella ARRIVED <3 I love it and it is really compact and cute, thank you very much (+ shoebox is the most innovative shipping box x3)

Thanks, do you have a feedback page i can reply on? Fast service too.

hey! so glad to hear that :)
glad you enjoyed the shoebox haha

did you end up getting it in time?

and yes, i do have a feedback page!
it's at:

and let me know if you would like me to leave feedback somewhere :D

Oh YES! It just arrived yesterday, and I still have 2 weeks before the convention ^_^ so yes thank you!! Ok dok, I left a positive feedback there =D and here is my feedback page:

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